Saturday, December 20, 2008

JLG Stocking

Jan's stocking is fini.  Whew - only 5 more sleeps until Christmas morning.  I was a working on it almost every day during the last two weeks!

The pattern was easy to follow and Meg Swansen's charts were easy to adapt and make larger and easy to read in MS Excel.  My Ravelry project here; Meg's pattern here.

If I were going to do another Christmas stocking, I might do a regular, turned heel instead of an afterthought heel.  I screwed up the opening for the heel and used a few rows instead of just one for the opening - because I cut one of the floats.  She says in the pattern to be careful not to cut the floats, but did I follow instructions?

The foot is large, but not as large as it looks in the photo.  I was closer to the foot and the top was angled away when I took the picture, so the foot looks bigger than it is in real life.

Next up:  something for me :-)

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