Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Shawls are not popular

20081119 Neck Warmer.jpgThis is the penultimate photo of items for the craft fair, a neck warmer.  It was fast and easy, a pattern from Faina Goberstein.  The yarn is some mohair/wool handspun I bought at the Kings Mountain Art Fair in Woodside, CA, several years ago.  I'm glad the yarn finally has a purpose, other than just looking pretty in my stash.

Speaking of Art Craft Fairs, Chico's Friends of the Library Craft Fair is this Saturday.  This neck warmer is priced at $8 for sale.  There will be many items for sale at low prices. 

About the title of this post, "Shawls are not popular"... I spent about 3 months knitting on a lace pi shawl.  It was supposed to be a gift, but the intended giftee didn't want a shawl.  That should have been my first clue that shawls aren't as loved by the rest of the world as they are by me.  I decided to raffle off the shawl to raise money for the library, since nobody would pay the $100-plus dollars it is worth.  At least I think it's worth over $100US.  It was on display in the library for two weeks and raised a total of $10 in raffle ticket money.  F*ck!  Last night at a CFOL meeting we passed an envelope around for people to buy tickets and raised about $80 more dollars, which makes me feel a little better... but I think the people buying the tickets were doing it because they are active library supporters, not because they think the shawl is particularly wonderful.

You know what is popular?  Felted mice.  I should be able to raise about $128 for the 32 mice.  Sh*t!

... which brings up the question, "Why do you knit?"

I think for me, it's the process and the product.  I've learned a lot about knitting the right product for others, and it isn't necessarily shawls.


  1. I love that shawl-- It is beautiful! I wish I could buy a ticket! So sorry the shawl wasn't received as it should have been. :(

  2. Just a reminder that selling an item from a pattern that is not your own even to a charity is against copyright.

  3. Do you think your climate may have something to do with the shawl's non-popularity? I'd wonder about that.
    Your question is quite timely for me, because I've been wondering about it a lot over the past few months. At the retreat in SF a coupla weekends ago, I mumbled aloud that I was thinking of hanging up the needles, and a couple of people were really quite shocked. The thing is, I've lost my real passionate enjoyment for knitting, and while I still knit, it's more of a default thing I so my hands are busy while I listen to the radio. No-one is really interested in shawls, I've learned, and I'm weary of sock-knitting. I don't wear sweaters, so no point in making them. I've written up my "Life Knitting" list (the projects I want to do before I die --or stop knitting) but I don't feel a huge commitment to it. Maybe I'll give up on it, as well. It seemed like a good idea at the time (one only has so much time in their life, after all), and I still think it a good idea.
    So why do I really knit. I don't know.