Friday, November 14, 2008

Friends of the Library Craft Fair

CFOL Bookmark

The Friends of the Library (1st Annual!) Craft Fair is on November 22nd - we meet tomorrow to organize and price.

I just finished these bookmarks.  They are crocheted with cotton thread, stuck to a stiff piece of paper, and wrapped in cellophane.  I have no idea what to charge for them.  J thinks they are worth $5, but doesn't think anybody in Chico will pay that much.  She's probably right.  We'll see what the committee says tomorrow.

I'm making a declaration now.  I will never do production knitting/crafting again!  This is supposed to be fun.  Making a few bookmarks is fun.  Making 11 bookmarks is work.

I do hope people show up for this craft fair.  If they don't then many of my friends will be getting these for Christmas :-)

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