Saturday, August 30, 2008

Knitting? More like Frogging

For those without a knitting vocabulary... frogging is the act of ripping out one's knitting.  The term comes from the sound made by frogs - "rip it, rip it."  The first time I heard it was some time in the 1990s on the original KnitList.

I was going to make a hooded scarf, but I cast on more stitches than the pattern suggested because I was afraid it wouldn't be wide enough.  After using up most of the skein, I decided it would be too dense and too short and too wide.  So, I frogged it and rewound the skein, without breaking the yarn which I am very pleased about.

What is it with this "afraid it wouldn't be ... enough" syndrome?  All I can figure was I didn't get enough of whatever during my childhood, because it's a constant fear of mine and it causes all kinds of problems.  Like extra pounds, failed knitting projects, a bloated yarn stash, a fat knitting book and magazine library, etc.

The next project for this yarn is going to be a slouchy kind of tam.  It should look good.

But not everything has been a failure.  I did crochet eleven bookmarks.  They just about killed my shoulder, so I'm off the crochet for a while.  The next step is to spray them with starch and iron them into stiffness.

These are for a Chico Friends of the Library Fundraiser.  I plan to mount each one on a piece of paper and wrap them in clear cellophane-like wrapping.

That's about all I've been doing in the world of fiber.  Most of my time lately has been involved in helping to create a cookbook as a fundraiser for the CFOL.  I said, "Of course, putting the cookbook in PDF format is no problem."  I didn't know what I was getting into, and now I have spent two weeks creating the book in MS Word (not the best publishing tool, but it's what I have).

Now, back to my knitting.

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