Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm home

It was a great trip to Washington.  Click on the thumbnail to see where we were in Birch Bay very near the Canadian Border (I hope that works).

Birch Bay 200808 Birch Bay Low Tide 200808 Birch Bay walk

We went to the North Cascades National Park (Nooksack Falls, Mt. Baker, many high-elevation flowers).

200808 Nooksack Falls 200808 Mt Baker 200808 Mt Baker Goats Beard

We visited Bellingham a couple of times.  It's a charming little town with a good yarn store, a good book store, and wonderful old buildings.  The cost of living is a little high, compared to Chico.  They have Western Washington University, a beautiful campus.

200808 Bellingham Phone Booth 200808 Skylark Lunch in Bellingham

We walked on the Interuban Trail near Bellingham.  It was just beautiful, and easy.  Chuckanut Drive (don't you love that name?) was scenic.  There's nothing like the Pacific Coast!  The smell, the feel of the cool, moist air.  My skin and hair thrive in that environment.

200808 Chuckanut Drive View 200808 Interuban Trail near Bellingham Wa 200808 Interurban Trail

And then it was time to stuff ourselves into a plain and fly home.  Speaking of stuffing myself into an airline seat, it's time for a diet.  Otherwise I won't make it into the airplane seat for the next trip, to Colorado.

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