Saturday, August 30, 2008

Knitting? More like Frogging

For those without a knitting vocabulary... frogging is the act of ripping out one's knitting.  The term comes from the sound made by frogs - "rip it, rip it."  The first time I heard it was some time in the 1990s on the original KnitList.

I was going to make a hooded scarf, but I cast on more stitches than the pattern suggested because I was afraid it wouldn't be wide enough.  After using up most of the skein, I decided it would be too dense and too short and too wide.  So, I frogged it and rewound the skein, without breaking the yarn which I am very pleased about.

What is it with this "afraid it wouldn't be ... enough" syndrome?  All I can figure was I didn't get enough of whatever during my childhood, because it's a constant fear of mine and it causes all kinds of problems.  Like extra pounds, failed knitting projects, a bloated yarn stash, a fat knitting book and magazine library, etc.

The next project for this yarn is going to be a slouchy kind of tam.  It should look good.

But not everything has been a failure.  I did crochet eleven bookmarks.  They just about killed my shoulder, so I'm off the crochet for a while.  The next step is to spray them with starch and iron them into stiffness.

These are for a Chico Friends of the Library Fundraiser.  I plan to mount each one on a piece of paper and wrap them in clear cellophane-like wrapping.

That's about all I've been doing in the world of fiber.  Most of my time lately has been involved in helping to create a cookbook as a fundraiser for the CFOL.  I said, "Of course, putting the cookbook in PDF format is no problem."  I didn't know what I was getting into, and now I have spent two weeks creating the book in MS Word (not the best publishing tool, but it's what I have).

Now, back to my knitting.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Summer 2008

Spitz and Phelps

I stole this picture off the internet.  Pretty cool, eh?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm home

It was a great trip to Washington.  Click on the thumbnail to see where we were in Birch Bay very near the Canadian Border (I hope that works).

Birch Bay 200808 Birch Bay Low Tide 200808 Birch Bay walk

We went to the North Cascades National Park (Nooksack Falls, Mt. Baker, many high-elevation flowers).

200808 Nooksack Falls 200808 Mt Baker 200808 Mt Baker Goats Beard

We visited Bellingham a couple of times.  It's a charming little town with a good yarn store, a good book store, and wonderful old buildings.  The cost of living is a little high, compared to Chico.  They have Western Washington University, a beautiful campus.

200808 Bellingham Phone Booth 200808 Skylark Lunch in Bellingham

We walked on the Interuban Trail near Bellingham.  It was just beautiful, and easy.  Chuckanut Drive (don't you love that name?) was scenic.  There's nothing like the Pacific Coast!  The smell, the feel of the cool, moist air.  My skin and hair thrive in that environment.

200808 Chuckanut Drive View 200808 Interuban Trail near Bellingham Wa 200808 Interurban Trail

And then it was time to stuff ourselves into a plain and fly home.  Speaking of stuffing myself into an airline seat, it's time for a diet.  Otherwise I won't make it into the airplane seat for the next trip, to Colorado.