Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Packing... again

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Next week we are off to a resort town in way north Washington State.  We've arranged for somebody to come and love the cats; I'm about to print the packing lists and house/cat instructions; I'm thinking about getting my suitcase out of the closet and cleaning off the top of my desk.

And, as usual, when we leave town the weather turns beautiful in Chico.  The air is clear.  The temperature is only in the 90's.  (Only?  Does that mean I'm a real Chicoan now?)

I am looking forward to wearing long pants and shirts with long sleeves (and sweatshirts) for a week.  We'll be visiting islands by ferry, and the Greater Vancouver, B.C., area.  The resort has a pool, so I'll take my bathing suit and see if I can get some no-impact exercise in the early morning before the children take over.

On the emo front, I read the blog of a stranger, a woman who left her home and friends in NZ and traveled to Corvallis, OR, for a 3-year internship.  People on Ravelry had been saying how funny her blog was and welcome to the US, etc.  When I read it I was almost in tears because the place she left was so beautiful!  Well, it's only 3 years, and Corvallis isn't the worst place to visit.   So, welcome, dear.  I hope Corvallis takes good care of you.  Okay, donning the hard shell for another day.

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