Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn

20080722 ClapotisI have loved the colors in various Noro yarns for a very long time.  It's on the not-cheap end of the spectrum so I haven't used it.  Until now.

I fetched a friend from the train station to give her a ride home.  As a thank-you she gave me a ball of Kureyon Sock Yarn, color S150.  (Thank you, Suzanne!)

I wouldn't make socks out of this yarn.  There are places in the yarn where it looks un-spun, almost like a beginner's spinning project.  And there are places where it is thin and a little overspun and unbalanced.  Since the yarn is 70% wool and 30% Nylon, I wouldn't think it would felt into uniformity when worn as a sock.  Instead I think it would develop weak spots.

So I made a clapotis (smaller, scarf version) out of it.  The yarn is perfect for a clopotis.  I made a narrower version, approximately 75+ sts wide (I forgot to count the exact number of sts).  If you decide to make a version like this, be advised that you will probably need about 10-11 grams of yarn for the beginning increase section and the same amount for the ending decrease section.  I have about 16g left over because I made it a little too short. 

No matter about the shortness.  It will still be okay for stuffing inside a coat collar in the winter.

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