Friday, July 25, 2008

Fan Bookmarks

Fan Booksmarks 1 and 2I've been playing with crochet again.  It's probably been 25 years since the last crochet attempts.  Memories of past lifetimes are floating across my brain.

These are bookmarks to be sold at a friends of the library fundraiser later this fall.


The pattern is available here, and my Ravelry project is here.

The bookmark on the left, the 8-fan, red and white version, is done with Finca cotton perle No. 8.  The one on the right, the 6-fan, blue version, is done in embroidery thread.  There wasn't enough blue embroidery thread in a bundle to make 8 fans in the bookmark.  Maybe 6 fans will work for a shorter book :-)

These are both experiments to see what thread I like working with.  The Finca is way nicer than the embroider thread (no surprise there).  Neither has been sprayed with starch and ironed yet - must go buy some spray starch.  I think I'll do several of these in Christmas colors, red or green.

This fundraiser project has been fun.  I never would have tried these bookmarks if I hadn't been searching around for quickie projects.  And the recent clapotis was done for the fundraiser too.

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