Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ridgeline Sock (with errata) in the Garden


I took my Work In Progress into the garden today...  sock pictures with red/yellow/peach roses, hydrangea, mint - click on one to see bigger.

The WIP is Cat Bordhi's Home & Hearth Eyelet Anklet, done using the Ridgeline Master Pattern from her book, New Pathways for Sock Knitters Book One.  I'm liking these toe up patterns of hers.  You plug your "master numbers" into some general directions and off you go.

I did find a mistake, I think, in the book on page 99.  In the Arch expansion companion rounds section, it says to repeat the expansion rounds until stitch count reaches D.  But D is the number of sts after the toe.  I think it should say, "... st count reaches F.", because F is the number of sts reached after the arch expansion is complete. 

I didn't see this correction in Cat's errata.

Ted, thanks for commenting regarding "6g short of a ball".  Yes it makes perfect sense that humidity would change the weight of a ball of yarn.  Good thinking!  It's not very humid here in Chico in the Summer so that might indeed be the reason for the lightweight yarn.

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