Friday, June 13, 2008

Fire and a heat wave

We are having a very bad fire here in Butte County.  There is smoke in the air and chemicals in the smoke are causing me to have some kind of reaction (sore throat, congestion, etc.).  But!  I am at home and comfortable while thousands of people have been evacuated and at least 50 homes have been destroyed.  The fire damage covers over 22 thousand acres.  Fire fighters from all over the state are here trying to put out the fire.

Big winds fanned the fire into a frenzy, but they have slowed down some today.  The forecast is for not-too-windy and in the high 90s tomorrow.  Maybe all those fire fighters will get the fire under control in the next couple of days.  What heroes they are!

I work with a woman who lives on one of the roads frequently mentioned as a road with several lost homes.  Send Rhoda your good thoughts!

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