Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bad Air Day

Last weekend's lightening storm in the hills east of Chico, CA, caused lots and lots of fires.

20080624 Bad Air DayI took this picture of the rising sun from inside the house.  The color is true.  This would be a good day to stay inside and breath filtered air, which is what I'm doing.  Corvallis, OR, is looking better all the time.

20080624 Bad Air Dying Tree

The red glow on the fence is nice to look at, but that gray sky isn't fog or clouds.  It's smoke.  By the way, the dead branch in the top-center of the picture is on a pistachio tree that is dying of some kind of root disease common to this area.  I gave it a huge nitrogen-rich shot of fertilizer last Fall, but it doesn't look like this poor tree is going to make it.

20080624 Bad Air with RosesAnd just to show that not everything is bad, I leave you with this picture of roses.  They are ignoring the smoke, I hope, and looking fine.  They seem to have perked up after their less than wonderful Spring.

Knitting pictures tomorrow....

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