Saturday, June 7, 2008

6g short of a ball

I prepared the Tofutsies yarn for the next pair of socks.  The yarn band says:

50% Superwash Wool,
25% Soysilk Fibers,
22.5% Cotton,
2.5% Chitin
100g/425m  (3.5 oz /464 yd)

I love the color, which is much lighter than shown here.  The ball band says, "Chitin is fiber from shrimp and crab shells!  It's naturally antibacterial!" 

I weighed the yarn.  According to my scale, my purchase is 94g (3.3 oz), not the 100g specified on the ball band.  That means I'm about 25 meters (27 yd) short.  I'm making anklet socks for my US size 9 feet, so this should be plenty of yarn.  When I pulled out the center wad (that blob on the left side of the ball) I ended up with a 13g tangle that took some patience to unwind.

The ball band says gauge is "8 sts = 1 inch on US2 needles."  I'm planning to use US0 needles, my standard needle for fingering weight yarn.

So here are my two balls of yarn, ready to take a road trip to Oregon.  Car knitting, here I come!

We're going to look at the Salem area as a possible new living place.  The air and heat in Chico aren't any fun at all.  Salem is cooler and has better air.  Salem also has rain....

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  1. You're not necessarily short of yarn. You could be short of water.
    Wool, like a lot of other things, absorbs water. If the environment is dry, the skein will weight less than if it's damp.
    I wish manufacturers would sell yarn by yardage, rather than weight. But I guess it's easier for the consumer to comparison-shop by weight, rather than yardage.