Friday, May 30, 2008

Testing Typepad Compose

I usually use MS Live Writer to compose my blog posts.  Cookie over at Shut Up & Knit! has been saying how much she really hates Typepad's new compose screen.  So, I'm doing this post from the Typepad Compose Screen instead of from my usual MS Live Writer, just to see how valid her complaints are.

One of the reasons I wasn't using Typepad compose was that I had to key too much HTML manually.  Let's see if that's better.  This picture is stored on flickr.  I tried clicking on the insert image button on the compose screen, but I can't insert a picture using a URL.  -2 for Typepad picture inserting.  I still have to key my own html in order to insert the picture with Typepad's compose.

Here's an example of HTML I have to manually insert into my post:

href="" target="_blank"><img style="margin: 0px 5px 5px 0px" src="" align="left">

Another complaint Cookie at Shut Up & Knit! has is that she can key faster than the compose screen can handle.  Me too, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt on this one because they are still fixing it and I guess they have a bunch of diagnostic code running that slows down data entry.  I would hope the diagnostic code gets disabled and things will run faster later.  I hope.

One improvement Typepad has made is the ability to change the font in a post.  +1 for Typepad font control.  In MS Live Writer I can change the font color too.

Another improvement from Typepad is that you can cause links to open in a new screen instead of opening in the same screen as this post.  +1/2 for Typepad Hyperlinks.

My summary is ... I'll stick with MS Live Writer for now, even though it means having yet another application installed on my PC.

Post composed while listening to music composed by Rimsky-Korsakov on KDFC's live feed.  Very nice.

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