Sunday, May 4, 2008

Snow on the trail

We wanted to go for a walk in the mountains today.  The weatherman said the snow pack in the Sierra Mountains was melting.

Well... not quite yet.

First we tried Frazier Falls in the Plumas National Forest, but couldn't even get to the parking area.  My little Prius couldn't make it over the snow on the open(??), narrow road.  When I determined I would have to either back all the way down the road or turn around in a narrow space, J got out and helped me turn around by stopping me each time I was about to drive into the ditch on one side of the narrow road or drop into the ravine on the other.

Then we thought we'd take the wider road up to Lakes Basin, but the road to the trail was not open.

Whatever.  The snow and clean air was wonderful.  J got to throw snowballs, one of her favorite things to do.  On the way home we got to smell that wonderful smell of a rain storm in the mountains.

Back here in the valley my front porch is registering 85F.  It's like different but parallel universes.

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