Friday, April 25, 2008

We couldn't help ourselves


We're having fun now.  I downloaded Ubuntu 8.04 (Linux), copied it to a CD, and then installed it on my trusty old IBM Thinkpad.  I have never installed Linux before, so it's a testament to Ubuntu that I was able to do it without one hitch.

It's amazing what you do not have to know these days in order to use Linux on a computer!  I didn't have to fool with anything that smacked of "root".  I got several applications with the install, like Open Office, Firefox version 3, Evolution email and calendar.

So, if I can install a wifi card in this thing, then I would have a perfectly good laptop for travel.  I probably won't spend the time to do it, because lugging around a computer on vacation isn't my idea of fun.  My Palm Treo 680 is a fine little gizmo for staying digitally connected while traveling, and it's small enough to carry in a little purse.

I don't know what else I need to accomplish with Ubuntu today... this post is being written via my Thinkpad and Ubuntu.  Since the Firefox browser looks the same on MS Windows XP as it does on Ubuntu, there is no learning curve.  Cool!

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