Monday, April 28, 2008

Pi Shawl & April Garden

So I'm done with the third section, the Gothic Leaf Pattern.  Now I'm working my way around the edge... about (576 * 2) 1152 rows.  So far I've done about 128 rows.  Only 1024 rows to go :-/

This is Grandma's Edge from Walker's 2nd Treasury.  I've seen it on a couple of other Pi Shawls in Ravelry and it looks pretty cool when it's finished.

I'm just a little concerned about that ridge between the shawl and the edging.  It is formed by knitting two together through the back loop, one stitch from the edging and one live stitch from the shawl which is how the shawl edge is finished off.  I'm really, really hoping it will block flat!  If it looks too ridgey, then I will have learned a valuable lesson, but I'm not ripping the edge out again - another ripping out would be the 4th time - so this is a design feature, not a mistake :-)

I'm just about done with the third skein, so I've just about used up 1350 yards of fingering weight yarn so far.  I won't finish the 4th skein, so maybe I'll be making a gift scarf for somebody, or maybe I don't know, something else.

The garden is looking pretty spiffy.  Click on the picture to see today's pictures... roses, pathetic asparagus, clematis, peonies, climbing hydrangea, geraniums, lettuce, onions, etc.

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