Monday, April 14, 2008

Not happy with LensCrafters today


Here's a letter I'm sending in the mail to LensCrafters today.  I'm posting it here so you know to take care of your LensCrafter glasses.  If they brake, you pay.  It feels good to vent :-)

Dear LensCrafters,

I�m writing to express my displeasure with your damage policy. Last July, 2007, I purchased a pair of glasses. The cost was $289.96. Less than a year later, the Brooks Brothers frames broke. (The nose pad wire broke off.)

I was not expecting to be told it would cost me $94 to have a defective product replaced. The person behind the counter explained that was policy.

This policy tells me that you sell defective products that will not last even one year, and that you don�t stand behind your products.

I will never shop at LensCrafters again. Please take me off your mass marketing lists.

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