Thursday, March 20, 2008

JLG's Christmas Stocking & Talking to Meg

Meg Swansen xmas stocking my chart 3

So here's the next chart.  The knitting will look squattier in real life.  The trees look taller and narrower here because of the column and row dimensions I used in MS Excel.  Whatever.  It works as a guide.

20080318 Christmas StockingI'm not quite ready to knit the trees yet.  I'm up to the point where I knit the second little white repeat at the bottom of the hem.  The first time I knit this I tried to keep the seam stitch in green, which was fine on the rows that had both green and white; however, on the rows that had just white, the green seam stitch looks disconnected from its white neighbors because, well because it was disconnected from its white neighbors.  So, I screwed up my courage and called Schoolhouse Press to ask what to do about that seam stitch.  A nice person answered the phone and when I said why I was calling she put Meg on the phone.  Imagine being able to call and talk to a knitting celebrity.  Anyway, she had a couple of suggestions:

1) slip the green seam stitch from the row below, or

2) make the seam stitch white for that part of the stocking.

... and she was so nice about it!

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