Monday, January 14, 2008

Boring Knitting?

In a recent blog entry, Joe said, "Apologies to readers, as I know this project is as boring as examining the texture of an office cubicle wall...."  Of course, I'm never bored by good knitting, and rarely bored by my own.

So is there anything boring about knitting?  No, I guess not.  But Fear of Failure, now there's a knitting emotion I can relate to!  My next project will be EZ's Ribwarmer and I'm reading everything I can about it, begging online friends for their experience, strength and memories.  My way of avoiding failure is to knit practice pieces to get the hang of something and then move on to the real thing.  I think I'll make one out of some yarn that is doing nothing in my stash and then make the real thing out of the Aran yarn that I've been wanting to make into something beautiful.

You can Google "Ribwarmer" images and find dozens of beautiful pictures of it.  In Ravelry there are over 70 Ribwarmer projects.

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