Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bordhi's Riverbed Socks

20080112 Riverbed SocksWell, they fit, but I'm not entirely happy with them.  They are a little loose and a little long.  Maybe they will fit better after they are laundered [knitter's logic].  I think on the next pair I'll try making the toe portion a little shorter.

I did a plain heal - no heel stitch.  Doing the heel stitch on the heel might make them fit a little more snugly there at the heel.

The fit around the instep is fine.  I used EZ's sewn bind off at the top around the cuff and it's perfect.

20080112 Riverbed IncreasesThe interesting part is on the bottom of the foot.  Notice there are no gussets on the side of the foot near the heel.  All the increasing is done on the bottom of the foot.  There is no picking up around a heel flap, and there are no holes.  It's really pretty cool.

Edited 12/22/08 - These have become my favorite socks!.

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