Monday, December 17, 2007

WSJ Talks About Sock Wars - Sock It to Me: Competitive Knitters Get Deadly Serious* This article will be available to non-subscribers of the Online Journal for up to seven days after 12/17/2007.

I can't believe the Wall Street Journal is spending ink, paper, and online bandwidth to talk about the knitting world's "Sock Wars".  Amazing!

... and the article mentions Ravelry.  W00t!

Speaking of socks, I ripped out my Coriolis socks because I knitted two socks with needles made by different manufacturers (Addi Turbo and Knit Picks Harmony)... and, of course, they were not the same size.  The sock made with Addis was bigger than the one done on Harmony needles, even though they appears to be the same circumference.

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