Sunday, December 9, 2007

No Country for Old Men

No Country for Old Men: **** Very Good

no-county-old-men No Country For Old Men is a movie about a villain, a psychopathic killer who feels no guilt and who decides whether or not to kill some people based on the toss of a coin.  The psychopath is played to beastly perfection by Javier Bardem (pictured left).

There are other cast members - the good guys.  Josh Brolin is a Vietnam vet who finds $2M in drug money while he is out hunting.  The psychopath is hired to find and retrieve the money, so there is a cat and mouse game (more like two pit bulls) between the man trying to keep his found money and the man trying to retrieve it.  The movie is set in 1980, so $2M is worth more than it would be today.

Tommy Lee Jones (I love Tommy Lee Jones!) is the sheriff trying to stop the crime wave that litters the path of the psychopath.  The sheriff is old, and crime has escalated and changed so much that he's thinking maybe it's time for him to get out of the business of keeping the peace. 

All the parts are well acted - every single one of them is well acted.

There is much more to this movie than simple violence, but it is rated R for violence and violence is at the core of it.  Even so it didn't depress me.  I recommend it either on the big screen or on DVD.  If you see it on the big screen you get to enjoy the Texas landscape, but the goriness of of the film is larger than life.

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