Monday, December 24, 2007


20071224 Persy and Sock toesI can knit socks, have knit many pairs of socks, but I am being humbled by the Cat Bordhi socks.  I've switched to the Riverbend master pattern because the Coriolis pattern didn't show the spiral very well in this yarn. 

I've discovered that gauge is really very important on toe up socks, especially the row gauge.  Because... the arch expansion starts at a point where increasing every third row will yield the right number of stitches at the top of the instep.  If you have too few rows per inch, then the sock will be too long when the increases are finished, too many rows per inch and they'll be too short.  If you tell your calculator that you get 13 rows per inch, but you really only get 10, then you will have 1.3 inches in 13 rows instead of 1.  And it's all different after washing....  So, get you rows-per-inch gauge right! 

The Riverbend pattern has the increases on the bottom of the foot.  Some other blogger (forget who?) spoke about putting the gusset on the bottom of the foot.  It's a cool way to leave the top for a pattern.  In this yarn, the color is enough.

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