Saturday, December 1, 2007

December garden update

Those of you living in places where it snows, please allow me to remark on my California weather.  It has been sooo cold (about 29F when I got up this morning).   


The new orchid plant is a brave little thing.  It's hovering next to the house with a sheet around it.  Even so it's making beautiful blooms.

The little maple tree is making nice color.  I can't remember when it has been this bright! 

The roses are finished.  There is one pink rose.  Surely this is the last. 

... and the Mexican sage is beautiful, but it's growing sideways instead of up because it had to lean so far out to get sunshine during the Summer.

1 comment:

  1. Is this where I get to say "I hate you"?
    We have snow. Here in my apartment building we have had to move our cars yesterday and today so they could plow the parking lot.
    And that Mexican Sage is scary. Does is get used in cooking,ever?