Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas is only ...


... six days away!  I think I'm ready, maybe.

This year we bought a little live tree, a grand fir.  It's shorter than I am, but it smells like a Christmas tree is supposed to smell.  We bought some (probably made-in-China) preservative which is working - you put treated water in the holder and wait a couple of days, then you re-fill the holder and add some little crystals which turn into jelly-like, water-absorbent things that keep the tree wet for weeks.

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  1. I think those little crystals are make of silica? They've sometimes used by florists as a decorative "ice" because when it's hydrated, that's what it looks like. The stuff is also really good for use in flowerboxes and planter baskets, which typically dry out very quickly, so the roots of the plants end up baking. The crystals absorb a lot of water and release it back to the soil(planting medium) relatively slowly, so the there's some buffering to the moisture content of the soil and less stress on the plants.