Friday, November 23, 2007

Two Romantic Comedies

Enchanted Poster Dan In Real Life Poster Dan in Real Life: *** Good.

Enchanted: *** Good.

The two most recently seen movies are both good fun, but not life changing.

First Dan.  This is the more adult of the two movies.  Steve Carell is a lovable sad sack and Juliette Binoche is very romantic, but maybe she's a little too sophisticated for this part.  There is a large supporting cast and most of the action takes place at a family holiday.  Most of the time I couldn't tell which children went with which parents, and which adults were part of which couple.  I think you can wait for this one on DVD.

Then Enchanted.  This one is visually very bright, so it's worth seeing on the big screen - even in the megaplex theaters where they turn the sound up way too loud.  Maybe they turn up the sound to drown out the noise of children saying they have to go pee "right now."

Part of Enchanted is done in animation and part in regular people acting.  There is singing, and it turns out that Amy Adams, the Princess, does her own good singing.  Ms Adams is perfect here, just perfect.  Enchanting, even.  Patrick Dempsey, of Gray's Anatomy fame, is the man who saves the Princess when she is sent to New York by the Evil Witch of a Step Mother, played by Susan Sarandon.  There are many jokes for those of us who grew up with Walt Disney films... talking forest animals, poisoned apples, trolls, glass slippers.  This one is rated PG, but I can't imagine why.  It seemed pretty G-like to me.

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