Friday, November 2, 2007

Three Signs of a Miserable Job Recommended

The Three Signs of a Miserable Job: A Fable for Managers (And Their Employees)
by Patrick M. Lencioni

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I checked this book out of the library last night and it's finished this morning.  Can you say "page turner"?

I have been unsatisfied in my job for a little while now and thought this book might help me understand why and how to fix it.  Click on the "Read more..." link above for more information about this book.

So here's what I learned.  I need to understand who I impact on my job (i.e., who are my customers?).  I need to get to know my co-workers better (take a genuine interest).  I need to know when I'm doing a good job by measuring something (e.g., how many smiles or laughs today?).  In other words, it's not about awards and money, but about every day work and the people you work with.

These three suggestions can apply to any area of my life, not just my job.

I recommend the book.  It's written in small words that anybody can understand.  The sentences are short.  The book is short (259 pages), with lots of white space.

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