Sunday, October 28, 2007

Into The Wild

Into The Wild: **** Very Good


Chris McCandless graduated from college and then went on a spiritual journey, leaving his unhappy family behind.  He read Thoreau, among others, so he had a romantic vision of living in the wild.

He carried his quest for freedom and being with nature to Alaska.  He met people along the way and had one adventure after another, some pleasant, some not.  He ditched his identity and became Alexander Supertramp.  One time he asked at a government office about kayaking down the Colorado River.  When asked about his experience, he said he had not much.  The officer told him he needed a permit, and the next opening was twelve years away, unless he went with a professional tour company.  ... he bought a kayak and went down the Colorado all by himself, and then he floated all the way to Mexico.

Eventually he ended up in Alaska where he was planning to live off the land, alone and in touch with nature, moment by moment.  What he discovered was that Happiness is meant to be shared, and that he was lonely.  He failed to get out of the Alaskan wilderness, which seems like a waste of a courageous young man who had learned an important truth.

PS:  Great Scenery

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