Monday, September 10, 2007

House prepped for cats

Read on if you are interested in how cats are spoiled; otherwise, move along, there's nothing here for you today.

I'm always so proud when the top of my desk shows some wood - it's usually covered in paper, knitting, etc.  So, I went around taking pictures in the house today and decided to picture all the ways we spoil the cats.

Here's the slideshow (made at

So the tally is: Three covered chairs, one covered love seat, a window seat, four scratching posts/boards/mats,  five heated cat beds, one expensive pagoda, towels in dining room and bedroom, two litter boxes, four feeding stations, and lots of kitty love.

Michelle, the pet nanny, keeps it all in order while we are gone.  We told the kitties she's coming but they are not impressed.  They know the suitcases are not a good sign.

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