Monday, September 3, 2007

The Cat Days of Summer

Happy Labor Day, USA folks.  This is the day we rest and get ready for the productive days of Fall and the overindulgence of the Winter Holidays.  I took some pictures in the yard this morning.

20070903 Sammy Napping

Sammy is the black spot in the middle of the picture.  He'd rather nap in a shady pile of leaves than be pampered inside the house - truly a cat's cat.

All the pictures taken today have little descriptions under them with some garden news for this Summer.

This year we have seen signs of distress in the trees because there wasn't much rain last Winter.  The Pistachios are not lush and their berries look dry and hard.  The Sycamores around town are dry and branches are breaking off in a breeze.

20070903 DogwoodNow that Fall is hinting at an appearance I can begin wishing ahead for a good wet Winter.

See?  The turning of the leaves has begun on the Dogwood.  And the Hackberry tree is already dropping a few leaves in the fountain on breezy days.

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  1. Lushless or not I'm terribly envious of your pistachio tree(s) as they are my favorite of nuts.
    (added comment from dfnojunk: Too bad they are not nut trees, but ornamental Chinese Pistachios.)