Friday, August 17, 2007

What Local Yarn Stores are for

HeartstringsYarn Yesterday was a regular knit-together at my LYS, Heartsrings Yarn Studio in Chico, CA.  A few local knitters, and one intrepid crocheter, meet every other Thursday afternoon for knitting and visiting... what you might call a Stitch and Bitch, if you weren't concerned about being sued for copyright infringement.

When I walked in I asked Joanne, the owner, if she had the new Cat Bordhi sock book.  "Look on the back table.", she said.  She had just opened the box and knew I would be asking for it.  She put it right where I usually sit.  What a woman!  Knitters Review did a good review of it, wherein they point you to some online videos showing some of CB's interesting techniques from the book.

And, Joanne had some new Fall sock yarn to dangle in front of me.  Trekking XXL and Fortissima Socka (couldn't find image) in Fall colors.  I didn't care much for the Fortissima as it looked kind of like a wild animal theme you might wear with your favorite tiger striped pants.  But... the Trekking XXL this Fall is just wonderful.  I have too much sock yarn in my stash so I didn't buy any, but wasn't it nice that we got to preview the new yarn while sitting and visiting?

And, isn't it nice that our LYS provides the space for us to sit and knit?  See, that's why having a local yarn pusher is a good thing.

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