Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Sunday walk in the park

Last Sunday we took our usual walk in Bidwell Park.  This time I brought my camera....

This overpass is Highway 99, a highway that runs North/South through Chico.  When "they" put the highway in, the good people of Chico decided that Bidwell Park was so important that the highway was made to go over the park instead of through it.  Good for them!

By the way, the two joggers are library patrons.  I've been working part time at the library long enough that I see library patrons all over town.  It's kind of nice to smile and say high, or just feel a quick moment of recognition before they jog on by.

Lower Bidwell Park is a place for anybody that wants to move:  bicycles, skates, feet, strollers, even cars or horses.  The dirt paths are supposed to be for walkers, joggers, and horses, I think, but the bicyclists use it too.  The paved path is for things with wheels.

It was a good walk, but my hip is only good for about a half hour before it begins to be uncomfortable (about 5 out of 10 on the pain scale).  I've started taking Move Free, which is supposed to be a souped-up glucosamine-chondroitin mixture.

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