Wednesday, August 29, 2007

So many talented knitters

sniff1nonsweater (Grumperina's buttons)

There are so many talented knitters, and so many ways for them to share their creative work.  Here are some of my favorites.  There are other blogs and web sites which I follow for their personal stories that touch me in various ways, but I chose not to list them here.

Anticraft.  Impertinent.  Good.

Cast On. A great podcast worth listening to.

Grumperina.  She makes the greatest buttons and is an ace knitter/designer.  If you take her button images, please take the entire image and don't just link to her images - it isn't good for her blog spot.  I love her humor, as shown in the buttons at the beginning of this post.

Knitterguy.  Mr. Technical.  Mr. Nice Guy.

KnittermanKnitivity yarn - a company with a story.

KnittyBlog & Knitty. Amy Singer's blog and the famous Knitty online magazine.

Panopticon. A very funny man who knits, takes pictures, makes cartoons, is spiritual.

String or Nothing & Wiseneedle.  Kim Salazar's most excellent blog and web site (yarn reviews).

TECHknitting.  A new-to-me good source of knitting lessons.

The Walker Treasury Project.  Photos of Barbara Walker's pattern swatches.

Yarn Harlot.  Is there anybody left on the planet that does not know about Stephanie?  A wonderful, funny blog.

Zimmermania.  A place for individuals to record their finished objects - all based on Elizabeth Zimmermann's books, videos, etc. (Lots of Baby Surprise Jackets and February Baby Sweaters.)

On a technical note - I use Google's Reader to look for updated blogs.  It would be pretty tedious to visit all web sites looking for updates.  Google tells me which have been updated.  So, no, I don't spend the whole day surfing the web :-)

These links worked on Aug. 29th, 2007.

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