Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Whip Your Knitting Into Shape

Image of book cover DOMIKNITRIX, Copyright 2007 by Jennifer Stafford.  Manufactured in China (!).  Isn't anything made in the United States anymore?  Well, never mind that.

Jennifer Stafford has put together a good book for beginning knitters who cannot tolerate all the books that are already out there (see the bibliography in the back for a good list).

The book design is aimed at young people who are sympathetic to designs containing skulls and devil's horns.  It even has a black plastic cover.  (The binding is not so good, so don't mistreat this book if you plan to keep it for a while.)

The basic knitting instruction is good, and the patterns look interesting, but not large enough for big girls.  I guess Goth girls are "normal" size.  I didn't see any guidance for sizing up or down, but it's a beginner's book so I guess Jennifer has something to put in her next book.

I didn't see anything I wanted to make for myself, but I am at least 35 years older than the target audience for this book.  There are some things I might make for younger friends....

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