Sunday, July 8, 2007

Knitting in Chico, CA

20070708 Crew SocksSocks are progressing.  I work both of them at the same time so that I won't finish one sock and then have to knit another one.  And, when you work each section together (left sock's heel, then right sock's heel, and so forth), you have a good chance of having two socks the same size.

This pattern is my standard K2P2 rib from top to bottom.  The yarn is Regia Silk (55% Merino, 20% Silk, 25% Polyamid).  The yarn is soft and fun to work with.  I made a different pair a while ago but gave them away.  This pair is for me.

Now, about that gusset I said I was going to rip out.  Yes, I ripped it out.  Then I finished the gussets while watching television.  So, I wasn't paying attention.  See...

20070708 Sock Gussets 1

(Click for large image.)

I don't care.  Nobody but me and you will know the gussets are wonky.

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