Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Touring Nova Scotia in 2008


We are plotting and planning a trip to Nova Scotia next year.  When I say "we", I mean that J is doing the plotting and planning.  Here's what she has so far.  If you have suggestions for things to do and see along the way, please speak up!

Boston To St. Andrews

Fly to Boston, MA, and stay the night.  The next day get up and drive to St. Andrews, NB, Canada.  It's a drive of many (about 360) miles, and a long day for us.

St Andrews to St Martins

Then we go from St. Andrews to St. Martins, NB, Canada.  This is a day for doing stuff, and not so much driving.  We stay in St. Martins for about a week.  Do you have an suggestions for things to do and see while we are there?

St Martins to Antigonish

Our next stop is Antigonish, NS, Canada, where we stay for another week.  Suggestions?  So far J has Cape Breton (N and S side), Prince Edward Island, and Louisbourg (sp?)

Antigonish to Digby

After a week we leave Antigonish and head for Digby, NS, Canada.  This is another longish drive day.

Yarmouth to Boston

Finally we take the Yarmouth ferry back to the USA and then drive to Boston.

The trip plans call for a 20-day vacation, which includes a couple of days for air travel (first class on frequent flier miles!).

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