Wednesday, June 13, 2007

New GLBT & Friends Knit list on Google

Rainbow YinYang I opened a knitting discussion group on Google, called glbt-knit (  It is for the GLBT community and their friends.  Leave a comment here on this blog if you would like to be invited to join.  Right now the group is by invitation only... just until I figure out how all this Google list stuff works.  As of today there are two members and I'd love to see more (men and women) and some activity!

The purpose of the group is to discuss knitting and other fiber-related activities (spinning, crochet, weaving, etc.).  It's a place to ask questions and get answers from others in the group...  a place to talk about your fiber life - funnies, disasters, triumphs, latest book-magazine-tool, old books-magazines-tools... a place of good cheer and support.

Is this group an adults-only group?  Right now it is, but I don't know if it should stay this way.

Can I use swear words, big words, misspelled words, or pictures?  Yes, yes, yes, and I don't know yet.

What is misbehavior?  Flaming, name-calling, constant off-topic posts without other fiber-related contributions (my personal pet peeves).

What will happen to misbehavers?  Warned, then banned.

Is the group a democracy?  No, it's a benevolent dictatorship with me as the mostly invisible dictator.

But, can't we have spirited discussions in the group?  Yes, until I start to get complaints.

Is the Google list a replacement for any other list?  That's up to you.


  1. me me me - I want to be on the new list and will (as much as I possibly can) keep on topic.

  2. Yes, please! Sign me up!