Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Here and There

I've been away from Chico!  First I went to Hidden Valley Lake to visit a friend's sick computer.  I couldn't find the cause of the problem, but Plug and Play wasn't working, few of her services were started, and most of her devices were not available (e.g., the printer).  I felt badly that I couldn't wave my magic wand and make things better, but at least I helped her backup her pictures and financial records.  Come on, people, you have to back up your stuff!!

Then, last Sunday, J and I went to San Francisco to visit with friends.  We met them at the Palace of the Legion of Honor, toured the museum, listened to free jazz in the cafeteria, and had a very nice visit.

20070617 Rodin The HandThe Palace of the Legion of Honor has a nice Rodin collection, including The Thinker.  Here is his "Mighty Hand".  This is how I feel if I knit too much :-)  ... and the view from there is spectacular.


20070617 Golden Gate Bridge

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