Sunday, May 20, 2007

Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3: * Poor

I don't recommend this movie.  It's dark, as in not very good lighting as opposed to dark mood.  I think the movie makers wanted it to have a dark mood too, but nothing about this movie succeeds.  It's 139 minutes - about 60 minutes too long.  People around me were laughing at scenes that weren't supposed to be funny.

I can't say the acting was good.  It wasn't.  The special effects were okay, which you would expect from a multi million dollar production.  I think the people involved in this trilogy* are tired of it.  At one point the grandmother is having [yet another] moving moment with Peter Parker, and there is a hair pin sticking out of her hair.  Would it have been too much trouble to push the pin in and retake the scene?

Don't bother paying for this one, but if you have a friend with some good weed and a pirated copy then by all means knock yourself out.

* At least I hope it's a trilogy.  Any more Spider-Man movies would be embarrassing for Hollywood.

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