Wednesday, May 16, 2007


There is a new web site that I just started using.  It's, a web site for knitters, crocheters, and designers.  You can store your projects (finished or not), your wish list, your stash, your books, and more.

So far I have just one project loaded up, the Knitty Convertible.  I read in Ravelry's informative tour that if I put a link to my project in a blog entry, like this Typepad blog entry, then the blog entry will be displayed in my project.  Does it work?  We shall see.

So far, I like this Ravelry a lot, and I recommend you get yourself onto the waiting list to become a member.  The web site is the brain child of two people and they have about 3,000 people waiting to get in, so be patient.  I waited a couple of weeks, but it was worth the wait.  They have thought of just about everything.

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  1. Yes, the link works! I found this from Ravelry, which I can seem to stay away from. I spent three hours loading all my projects last week - next on to the stash and the books! I still have some pattern details to fix, but I really can't walk away!