Tuesday, May 8, 2007

May Garden

20070508 Rhododendron 20070508 Mock Orange 20070508 Herb Garden 20070508 Yellow Rose

The back yard is looking good.  From left to right, above:  Rhododendron, Mock Orange, Herb Garden, and Rose.

It occurred to me recently that I don't often cook things that need fresh herbs.  I wonder if I should plant some other things in the herb garden... hmmm.  About the Rhodie, Chico isn't a friendly Rhodie environment - too much sun and heat - but this one is happy under the shade of the Arbutus tree and Myrtle tree growing nearby.

20070508 Pink Border Flowers 20070508 Styrax Collage

The front yard is in bloom.  From left to right above: Mystery border pink flowers, Styrax tree collage.  The Styrax tree is in it's annual bloom.  It's covered with little white flowers.  The violas and daisies beneath the tree don't mind a few flowers dropping on them from the tree above.

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