Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Georgia Rule

Georgia Rule: *** Good

Before seeing the movie, I thought it was set in Georgia, the state.  Instead it is set in Idaho and Georgia is the name of a stern grandmother taking care of an out of control granddaughter for the summer.

The NY Times review is pretty fair.

One of my favorite actresses, Felicity Huffman, plays Lilly, mother (not "mom") to Rachel.  Rachel, played by Lindsay Lohan, is an out of control teenager being sent to live with her grandmother George, played by Jane Fonda.  There are 2 or 3 hunky men in the picture, but the story is about these three women.  All three do good acting jobs.

Rachel is trouble walking.  She seduces whoever doesn't run fast away from her.  At one point one of the men calls her the Anti-Christ, and he's not far wrong.  But deep down she really isn't as awful as she acts.  The behavior is caused by childhood trauma... or is it?  She tells of childhood molestation by her step father, and then she takes it back, and then she doesn't, and then the truth is know in the last few minutes of the film. 

This could have been a much better film, but it is good enough.  The Idaho scenery is nice on the big screen, but if you don't see it until the DVD is released, that's okay too.

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