Sunday, April 29, 2007

In the Land of Women

In the Land of Women: *** Good


The NY Times didn't much care for it.  Berardinelli wrote a review I agree with.  It's a good way to spend an afternoon, if you don't have big plans to do something else.

Not much happens, but there are many little pieces of the story that work well.  A young Los Angeles man (likable Adam Brody) goes to stay with his grandmother (wonderful Olympia Dukakis) in Michigan.  She keeps saying she's going to die, and he has just been broken up with by his current girlfriend (beautiful Elena Anaya), so they are an odd family of two.

As he is cleaning out grandma's run down house, he meets women in the family across the street.   Mom (grown up Meg Ryan) has just learned she has breast cancer.  Teenage daughter (fresh and lovely Kristen Stewart) is being a teenager.  Precocious little sister (cute Makenzie Vega) is trying hard to be grown up.  The father (Clark Gregg) is a fleeting character we don't really get to know.

They all provide support for each other in various ways, and your heart is tweaked while watching.  There is no  high drama, several sweet moments, and hope for the future.

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