Friday, April 27, 2007

Frazier Falls in Spring

It is "a little hot, a little early" as Cousin L says.  Today was forecast for 90F so we decided to drive up to the mountains - the Sierra Nevada Moutains, South-East of Chico, CA, Plumas National Forest.

Our destination, besides lunch at the Graeagle Mill Works, was Frazier Falls.  To quote the US Forest Service:

Frazier Falls
- A gentle trail leads 1/2 mile to a scenic
fenced overlook of the 100-foot high falls. Best viewing is in
mid-spring when wildflowers are in bloom and there is plenty of water.
As Gold Lake Road may be snowed-in, check with Beckwourth Ranger
District for best viewing time.

Waah, I forgot my camera!  But that's why camera phones were invented.  Heh.  I took a few photos and uploaded them to flickr.  They aren't good enough to show here, but if you like, take a look.

There was snow!  We were able to drive up to the parking area for Frazier Falls, but the road just beyond was not plowed. 

In several places the trail was covered in snow, so we either walked over or around it without much trouble besides wet shoes. 

The falls are beautiful, and so full!  Spring is the right time to see these falls.  We've been in Autumn  and it's just a trickle.

It was a good day, and the 90F heat in Chico wasn't so bad with the car's a/c on.  First time J turned on her a/c this year.

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