Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bamboo Convertible


The Gentle Breeze Tee is No More.  I ripped it out during my last meeting with the ChicoKnittersSocialClub.  It is becoming a Knitty Convertible.  It's a very simple lace repeat - 13 stitches.  The stitch pattern was taken from Vogue Knitting and is called "Lace entrelac", page 147 in my 1989 edition of Vogue Knitting.

ImageThe funny looking beaded thing in the bottom right of the closeup is a knitters abacus (click on picture for closer look).  It shows that I have knit 9 rows of this repeat:  the light blue bead is 5, and the dark green beads are 1 each.  There is a 5 and four 1s on the bottom of the circles.  On the next row I will push the green beads up and push a blue bead down, ending up with two blue beads equaling 10 rows knit.  What can I say, I like toys.

The beads at the top are stitch markers marking 13 st repeats.

I adjusted the number of sts cast on because my gauge was different than the pattern.  Using the pattern's gauge, I figured that the Convertible is supposed to be about 20.5 inches wide.  I get 6 sts per in, and the pattern calls for 5 sts per in.  I added about 26 stitches to get about 21.5 inch width, casting on 129 instead of 103.  (129 sts / 6 sts per in = 21.5 inches).

I luvs my gauge swatches.


  1. Hey Chico Chick...
    This convertible is a sort of variation on my kohala schwug...
    May I suggest making specific button holes and buttons that don't weigh down the fiber and drape...they first one I made according to the pattern and found the button situation to be a bit frustrating...

  2. I like the idea of the knitter's abacus. Where did you find that?