Monday, February 19, 2007

Ho hum Monday

And, it's the day we celebrate the birth of George Washington, our first President.  We used to celebrate Washington's birthday on his birthday (February 22nd); however, sometime in the 1980's the holiday was changed to President's Day and moved to the third Monday in February.   Lincoln (17th pres.) has frequently been associated with Presidents' Day as well, but the whole February presidential baby thing is kind of out of hand.  For example, Harrison and Reagan were also born in February.  Shouldn't we lump them in there on Presidents' Day as well? 

Whatever.  It's a ho hum day for me.  Grocery shopping and a peek in the garden follow, with photos....

Image Image J and I shop together every week.  Today was the day.  We shop at two stores for weekly food:  WinCo and Trader Joe's.  The photo on the left is a feel for checking out at WinCo, and the photo on the right is a feel for checking out at Trader Joe's.

We are lucky to have an abundance of vegetables, even in the winter.  There are some who would have us buy produce grown locally, in order to cut down on the extravagant use of fossil fuels required to bring out of season veggies from far away to local grocery stores.  They are probably right, but I do love fresh veggies and fruit.

Image Image Image Image

Today's total, for 7 bags of food, was $59.  Not bad for two people for a week.  (If you don't count the fortune spent on meat once a month or so.)

The garden is perking up!  We have daffodils, tulips pushing through the dirt's surface, buds on the trees and bushes.  There is hope that winter will end.

Image Image Image Image

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