Friday, February 9, 2007

Helping Pat and Big G

No pictures, or knitting here, just the story of my day helping friends with their computers.  Read on (click on "continue reading" below) if this sounds interesting; otherwise, move along.

I had an opportunity to help Pat and Big G today.  One has a mature Windows XP and the other has a new Windows XP.

Pat's PC is a mature Dell with 512 megabytes of memory... not enough, but
those Dell's just keep plugging along.  Pat, if you are reading this,
my computer has 1024M of memory - twice as much.  Mine still slows down
and I have to wait when I have too much going on at once.  I'm starting to save my pennies for a new one with
MS Vista, maybe in a year or so, when some of the major problems have
been worked out of the applicaitons that run on Vista.

Big G's PC is a new HP laptop.  Wow, that screen is wide and pretty!  Way prettier than mine.  Don't forget, Big G, your anti-virus protection runs out in 17 more days.  Always practice safe computing :-)

On the way home we saw the same herd of elk that we saw before.  It's a big herd!  We didn't see any bachelors with big antlers :-(

Image And for those of you who actually read this far, I lied.  Here's a recent photo for Big G, from our trip to Arizona.

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