Friday, February 16, 2007

CSU Chico Women's Basketball

The score was Chico 82, San Bernadino 55.  Not a close game.  Not a good game.  Both teams were uninspired.  I know winners shouldn't whine, but still....

20070216_scoreboard_1There is one player I really wish would have a good game:  Niki Simons.  She has the right intensity, but it looks like she's just afraid to take a shot in a crowd.  She had one wide open shot and took it, but whenever there is a defender in front of her she passes the ball instead of shooting.  Somebody needs to give her a shot of confidence, or teach her some moves to shoot when defended.

There's another game tomorrow.  I hope it's better than tonight's.

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  1. The game the next night was even worse. I blame it on a lack of point guard. She must have had the flu. My ticket-mate was beside herself with outrage at the poor quality of the game. It was one of those times when I suggested we leave early.