Sunday, January 28, 2007

Walk in the Park

Image Image We went to Upper Bidwell Park today and walked on the Yahi Trail.  The water in Chico Creek is clear and low this winter.  We have had about 10 inches less than normal rain, so all the places that are usually wet with creek overflow are dry, dry, dry.  "They" say that there is no cause for alarm yet because it's still early in the season.  Dry or not, it's still scenic.

Image Upper Bidwell Park is still a Chico City park, so while it may appear to be unimproved, it is still a popular place for local Chico State University kids to congregate and party.  One place, Bear Hole, is particularly popular and signs of civilization go along with the popularity.  Almost every year some student drowns in the Spring runoff and no amount of warning them will make some kids feel mortal.

Image One of my favorite trees in Bidwell Park is the Western Sycamore.  All that lovely white bark against a blue sky is a beauty to behold.  The neat thing about Yahi Trail is that it is an interpretive trail, meaning they have signs telling you what is growing near the sign.  We also saw Ponderosa Pines, Gray Pines, Bay Laurel, Oaks, and Ash trees.

Image Image I feel lucky to live here.

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